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Help the over-looked to live as over-comers.

FLDC’s mission is accomplished through the planning development and refining of social, educational, cultural, recreational, and community action programs. This emphasis forms the foundational philosophy of FLDC, which is a youth and family initiative . To break the cycle of poverty and to affect the rising rate of high school attrition, substance abuse, violence, unemployment and underemployment, FLDC has developed a comprehensive approach that includes collaborations with schools, social service agencies, churches, criminal justice partners and families in an effort to provide a network of community support.

Dr. Moses often contributes her valuable time and knowledge to teaching various college level courses. Her outstanding competency has placed her in constant demand to conduct training workshops, seminars and lectures on youth and family development with a special emphasis on parenting throughout the country. Her motivation and main thrust in life is to break the cycles of poverty, substance abuse, and what she denotes as “generational curses”.