“Everything you need is sitting on a pew”

Dr. Angela Moses has devoted 26 years in the establishment, development and management of widely successful youth and family initiatives. Her main thrust is to equip the body of Christ with the necessary tools to expand the local church and advance the Kingdom of God.


Dr. Moses believes that the church is one of the world’s most valuable resources and often quotes that “everything you need is sitting on a pew”—a profound statement that acknowledges the value in each individual within a congregation.


This passion has led Dr. Moses to create the Angela Moses Consultant Enterprise (AMCE), a company equipped to provide the tools necessary for one to secure their God-given purpose and destiny.


Dr. Moses’ endeavors to position AMCE as a company that will encourage and uplift people from all walks of life through a three-tier approach:
• Academic Advocacy (Youth & Adults)
• Self-Sufficiency & Life-Skill Training
• Social Responsibility & Destiny Development

Her ability to bring out the best in church, school and community is a unique and inclusionary model that has developed and changed lives all over the country. Through  AMCE, she will give people the support they need to live successful lives.

Dr. Moses combines over 28 years of wisdom, knowledge, experience and education in her “Train-the-Trainer” model. Her authentic  curriculum articulates  a results-oriented outcome that fulfills the trainer and transforms lives—all at the same time.